CLEARLY, under the scope of analysis, the inescapable absurdity of the case against Morin is undeniable. To cite one example of the mythology that the Crown promoted as fact, Guy Paul Morin allegedly screamed in anguish, on the night of Christine Jessop's funeral. This incredible distortion of fact, which did not even exist as an allegation on a police report, during the first attempt to prosecute Morin in 1986, was evidently nothing more than an afterthought fabrication which sought to bolster the case against the accused.

Christine Jessop was buried on January 7, 1985, and the prosecution suggestion that evidence of Morin's guilt was gathered on that particular day, demands a monumental leap of the imagination. Clearly, as late as March of 1985, the police were so uncertain or even desperate to gather information about Jessop's killer or killers, that they enlisted the support of FBI agent John Douglas, to create a profile of the likely killer. The suggestion that anguished cries had determined the guilt of Morin as early as January of 1985, is absolutely absurd. If evidence of Morin's guilt was so clear by January of 1985, why did it take the police six months to charge Morin? And even when Morin was arrested, the so-called evidence against him was extremely frivolous and absurdly speculative, it was not as air tight as his so-called "anguished cries" imply. If the Crown relied more on conclusions established through a competent investigation, and less on the capacity to promote unreasonable speculation to an unsuspecting jury, the claim that Morin is in fact a murderer, would carry weight. As it stands, the claim that Morin is un uncaring, cold- blooded murderer is an absurd fabrication or speculation which collapses at the sight of a reasonable assessment.

In the final analysis, the man that the Crown has accused of murder is not bitter, not vengeful, has no history of violence or mental illness or criminal behaviour and has never shown sexual interest in children. Clearly, the absolutely groundless conviction that Guy Paul Morin is in fact guilty of murder, collapses at the sight of reason.





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