GENUINE evidence which relates to the Morin trial is hard to come by. The credibility of the evidence against Morin was seriously compromised by Sergeant Michael Michalowsky, the officer who was responsible for handling physical exhibits seized during the investigation into the death of Christine Jessop. One of the exhibits was a cigarette butt found near the body of the victim. But because Morin was a non-smoker and the butt did not fit in with Crown speculation, Michalowsky "explained away" this legitimate evidence by claiming that it was "a rather recently dropped cigarette butt" probably left behind by one of the investigating officers."15 It was a nice try, but the Ontario Provincial Police didn't bite and Sergeant Michalowsky was charged with perjury and with obstructing justice. Unlike the frivolity of the evidence against Morin, the evidence which supported the charges against Michalowsky was compelling. According to Sergeant Tom Cameron, he was unwittingly led to believe by his superiors that he had dropped a cigarette butt at the site in question, but further investigation revealed that he had clearly not. According to Cameron, the butt had already been discovered even before he reached the site, not to mention that it was not even his brand.

Despite the obvious fact that evidence was mishandled, Michalowsky never answered criminal charges because of his highly publicized health ailments. The "butt affair" however, illustrates a pattern of fraud and deceit which gives the suggestion that the evidence against Morin is manufactured, far more substance than it would normally carry. But prosecutor Leo McGuigan conveniently downgrades the potential significance of the fact that the integrity of the keepers and the investigators responsible for the evidence against Morin, had been seriously "besmirched." Clearly, the practice of mishandling physical exhibits seized during a murder investigation reflects a gross perversion of justice and Sergeant Michalowsky's willingness to fabricate evidence, reflects the exact degree of corruption required to frame somebody for murder. The evidence is indisputable. Sergeant Michalowsky initially entered a cigarette butt into evidence. Then he lost it. Then he found it. And testing proved that Michalowsky had re-introduced a fake butt into evidence.16

Such gross manipulations of justice bolster the suggestion that fabricated evidence is ultimately responsible for the conviction of Morin. At the same time, the judicial bias which evidently gave Sergeant Michalowsky the opportunity to successfully evade criminal charges, further stacked the deck against Morin and deprived him the opportunity to mount a fair defence.

In the light of evident fraud, bias and the fact that evidence against Morin was so extremely frivolous that it could not impress anybody, except perhaps the person or persons who may have planted it, the possibility that Morin was framed merits serious consideration. At any rate, even evidence which was conceivably planted, is neither convincing nor conclusive. Hair and fibre evidence introduced at trial proved nothing beyond the confirmation that the Jessops and the Morins were next-door neighbours. There is nothing unusual about a transfer of fibres and hairs between two families, especially since the Morins had visited the Jessops to offer their condolences, months before Guy Paul Morin was arrested. To be sure, the Crown saw it differently and promoted the suggestion that fibres and hairs linked Morin to the abduction and murder of Christine Jessop. Indeed, the insinuation of press headlines like "Trial told hairs in car similar to slain girl's", was very clear.17 But under close scrutiny, hair and fibre evidence was unbelievably frivolous. For example from the hundreds of thousands of fibres which could have been taken from the Morin family car and home, only five microscopic fibres were found to be similar to those found on Christine's clothing.18 Even the wind, is capable of transferring more than a mere "five similar fibres." This "mute witness" evidence, as it was dubbed by the prosecutors, was evidently blind and dumb, as well.

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