CHARGES against Sergeant Michalowsky provoked an unbearable degree of psychological pain and tension. Indeed, this "cold warrior" of a man was reduced to a sobbing cry baby who did not even suffer the sight of a courtroom, without a doctor by his side. What was the source of this extreme breakdown?

Upon analysis, Michalowsky's reaction is entirely understandable. Evidently guilty as charged, a full accounting threatened to expose, not only his probable guilt, but the chain of corruption which shared his responsibility. Such an accounting is never lightly tolerated. People do not normally sit back and wait out betrayal. They do whatever it takes to avoid the unbearable stress of being exposed, and that potentially placed Michalowsky in serious jeopardy. If for example, Michalowsky was effectively prosecuted, he threatened to expose the conspiracy of silence between authorities who rarely betray one another, despite flagrant obstructions of justice. Indeed, when Michalowsky was charged, he carried the entire weight of the legal fiasco which culminated with the fraudulent conviction of Guy Paul Morin, upon his shoulders.

Clearly, the assumption that Michalowsky alone was responsible for corrupting evidence, is rather naive, and given the probability of a much wider, cooperative involvement, unspeakable implications merit consideration. The ugly part of corruption is the potential to unleash a chain reaction of tragic, cover-up consequences. If this sinister portrayal appears to be more fanciful than factual, do not expect official channels to fair any better. What, for example, is ever accomplished when a public inquiry is suddenly halted because of the suicide or murder of the person in the "hot seat"? And beyond speculation, it is reasonable to assume the fact that acts of corruption are usually followed by the motivation to conceal them, -through legal tactics, fraud, deceit or, if necessary, even through murder. In the final analysis, wherever corruption rears its ugly head, every conceivable perversion is more than mere speculation.







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