DEFENCE lawyers wept at the announcement of the guilty verdict. Every single effort to penetrate the prejudice that the prosecution is always right, had failed. Visibly disturbed, Jack Pinkofsky made a brief statement, to the press;

It was on February 7,1986, that Guy Paul Morin was acquitted by a jury of his peers. Today, an innocent man was found guilty. We intend to appeal this verdict and restore the innocence of a person who had absolutely nothing to do with the abduction and killing of Christine Jessop.53

Bearing the burden of the failure to evade a wrongful conviction, Mr. Pinkofsky cried. It is certainly difficult to imagine a man like Pinkofsky, sparing a single tear over the conviction of a ruthless, calculating, perverted, cold-blooded murderer. Mr. Pinkofsky cried because he was well aware of the fact that Guy Paul Morin would have been found innocent, if the deck was not fraudulently stacked against him. Mr. Pinkofsky cried because he was dealt banana republic- style justice in a country which is probably fairer, freer and more democratic than any in the world. Mr. Pinkofsky cried because he was momentarily ashamed to be a Canadian, -not because he had failed do defend a murderer, but because an innocent man was wrongfully convicted. The prosecution celebrated with a beer. Nobody, besides Guy Paul Morin and his lawyers, has ever demonstrated the slightest capacity for genuine compassion. Despite the hate, the suspicion and the paranoia directed towards Morin, he is the only one who has reached out on a human, bitter-free level. Even after he was acquitted of first degree murder charges, instead of sulking over a false accusation he expressed "deep sorrow" over the death of Christine Jessop, and even though he was evidently elated to be free again he said; "For the crisis of the Jessops - the loss of their child -it's sad, and I (feel) very deep sorrow for them."54 And even after the verdict was overturned and he was locked in the throes of a zealous persecution, Morin said; "I don't believe they have any consciences to do what they've done up to this point. I know I can live with myself. I have done no wrong. I will handle this mess as best I can and I will go through it."55 The humanity and the integrity of this convicted murderer, makes most people look and sound like moral degenerates.

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