Despite the repulsion that the act of framing an innocent man arouses, there are no obvious, repulsive villains. The primary motivating goal was to bring a repugnant murderer to justice. But when the effort to prosecute is guided by blind loyalty and zealousness, justice may very well be served in a case where a defendant is guilty, but it is inevitably perverted, in a case where he is not.

If the dynamics of a criminal trial were all textbook inspired, then it would be very simple to blame so and so, for such and such a reason. But human beings are motivated by prejudices, insights and ignorance, not by ideals like "innocent until proven guilty" or "equality before the law." Justice, for better or worse, is often defined by human quirks and tactics. The best defence, for example, in a situation where a shrewd lawyer helps a guilty defendant evade a criminal conviction, does not exactly inspire conf1dence in the just1ce system. But neither are the interests of justice served when an innocent defendant is manipulated by the wily prosecutorial tactic of promoting credibility, not through the merits of a case, but through the blinding claim that well-intentioned authorities cannot all be wrong at the same time. On the contrary, the media itself is forever exposing how often and how easily corruption is tolerated through conspiracies of silence between authorities who do not betray one another, despite the most flagrant, and most vulgar criminal violations imagineable. The deceptive tactics of overzealous prosecutors who exploit the claim that well-intentioned authorities can do no wrong, is an indisputable fiction.

Indeed, the fictions that Prosecutor, Leo McGuigan promoted, do very little beyond exploit ignorance. There is clearly no merit to the practice of placing so-called "small pieces of evidence" under the microscope, to frame an innocent man, and the conviction of Guy Paul Morin is not, by any stretch of the imagination justifiable. Having explored every conceivable angle, every conceivable argument and every conceivable truth, the only way to restore justice in what is clearly a monumental legal fiasco, is to overturn the conviction of Guy Paul Morin or to provide credible proof of guilt. Until then, Canada will be known for it's ability to pervert, rather than to restore justice.






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