MORIN CLAIMS THAT HE IS INNOCENT and that he has been framed. There is no compelling reason, beyond the misperception that Morin's claim is an unbelievable conspiracy theory, to doubt Guy Paul Morin. In actual fact, the claim that Morin was framed is not a conspiracy theory, but the testimony of Guy Paul Morin. And unless that testimony is seriously disputed or proven to be a lie, there is no reason to disbelieve it. Charged in 1984, convicted in 1992, the frivolity of the evidence against Morin reflects an unprecedented legal fiasco which has wastefully drained scarce manpower, resources, money and time. And the honourable facade of the people who are evidently responsible for framing Morin, has survived relatively little scrutiny. Self-possessed and self- deluded, they evidently gloated as they framed the "evidence" in a manner which satisfied their peculiar convictions to the point where they finally "got their man", after the longest running murder trial in Canadian history. But even though Guy Paul Morin was eventually prosecuted, his integrity is still ahead and shoulders above the witnesses who testified against him. That in itself, strongly suggests that Guy Paul Morin was framed. If he is in prison, it is clearly not because he has been proven guilty, but because of the enormous gap between the politics of self-rationalization and justice. It is in fact difficult to cite a case where that gap is wider, or more apparent. Morin was convicted, yet he is the only key player who emerged from the entire ordeal, with his credibility intact. He is the only person who has not consistently slanted, distorted or manipulated his testimony, to suit some outlandish defence or prosecution theory. There is absolutely no reason to doubt the testimony of Guy Paul Morin, yet Guy Paul Morin has been sentenced to serve time for murder. It is such repulsive, bizarre contradictions which make the conviction of Guy Paul Morin, an evident perversion of justice.

Even the credibility of Leo McGuigan, the prosecutor who celebrated the conviction of Morin with a beer, pales in comparison to the integrity of Guy Paul Morin. McGuigan is a tough, tenacious prosecutor who is loyal, not to the determination of truth, but to the adversarial system of justice. His single- minded drive to prosecute a particular suspect is so fierce, that he matter-of-factly determines the credibility of testimony in terms of whether it can be used to implicate a particular suspect. If it can, the evidence, as far as Leo McGuigan is concerned, is credible. Evidence which does not support the theory of the prosecution, is erroneously disputed or ignored. In the Morin trials however, evidence was not simply ignored, slanted or disputed, it was also tampered with; "Potentially crucial clues collected at the site -a cigarette butt, a lighter, a credit card slip, a milk carton or was it a cigarette pack? -were lost, misidentified or disappeared.1

  1Toronto Sun, 31/7/92, p.86

In the Scott Peterson case, the media has not done a very good job sorting out truth and fiction. Perhaps, it is because reporters are free to lie. Indeed, since a Florida Appeals Court ruled that there is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or distorting information by a major, press organization, reporters like Ted Rowlands are free to lie, conceal and distort information. The fickle effort to challenge Scott Peterson's credibility has certainly exposed the deception that the media routinely disseminates.

Modesto and Berkeley police went to a marina on San Francisco Bay to investigate Peterson's claim that he was fishing at the time his wife disappeared. No details were made available about what detectives might have found out.

"At this point, he is not a suspect," Detective Doug Ridenour said. Police said they had no evidence of foul play in the disappearance.

Needless to say, Scott was not arrested because his alibi proved to be true.

Regardless, the police and the media refused to expose the obvious and promoted stories about the absence of salt water, on Peterson's boat. Needless to say, Ted Rowlands and the police were looking for a way to destroy Scott Peterson's alibi, and the current hypocrisy of trying to use Scott's alibi to hang him is ultimately disgusting, when you consider the fact that his wife was evidently kidnapped and nobody was looking for her because people like Ted Rowlands promote lies.

CNN was so impressed by Ted Rowlands' ability to keep creating the false impression that an innocent man was guilty, that they hired him. Never, has anyone demonstrated a better capacity to keep hitting the same dead horse over the head over and over again, without result -Rowlands has certainly earned the right to work for CNN. A good teleprompter that does not pause for thought, is hard to find.

As late as May 16, 2003, Stanislaus County District Attorney James C. Brazelton confirmed that the Modesto Police Department was continuing their investigation in the Laci Peterson case by returning to search the San Francisco Bay for evidence. It was called a joint operation utilizing other Law Enforcement agencies and some civilian assets. Why was Scott Peterson arrested, prior to solving the case?

According to Defense Attorney Steven Cohen, "People tend, especially people who have committed a murder, not to give information that puts the investigators and the police closer to the murder scene, they want to shift them away from the murder scene. So if he really did this, he wouldn't have directed the police to that location."

In other words, people who cultivate the obsession to get away with murder would have deliberately directed the police to that location.

The Police found Laci's body on what would have been Chandra Levy's 26th birthday, and that should have produced the level of humility that the situation demanded. Like the forensically useless, "chance" discovery of Chandra Levy's body, the body of Laci Peterson mysteriously turned up, not because the police proved to be competent, but because somebody wanted to implicate Scott Peterson.

This malicious collusion between the police and the media would have been devastating and extremely incriminating, but Scott Peterson's alibi is still solid.