THE GENERAL, authoritative willingness to engage a battle to fraudulently manipulate evidence, was perhaps most poignantly exposed in 1982, during the sensational trial of Neil Cameron Proverbs. Proverbs was convicted for possessing a weapon dangerous to the public peace, and prosecutor McGuigan, responded to the verdict with characteristic aplomb; "The fact is the administration of justice shows that it really works".2 But the Ontario Appeal Court overturned the guilty verdict, and exposed the fact that McGuigan's blind faith in the system, was rather presumptuous. Clearly, the administration of justice is subject to perversion, and the Proverbs case is certainly illuminating, in terms of exploring the method and manner in which justice is potentially perverted. The initial Proverbs trial was followed by the revelation that Crown Witness Marvin Elkind had lied under oath.3 The implications of bolstering a case on the strength of perjured testimony, are extremely serious and disturbing. Dishonest witnesses pervert justice, and one must seriously question the competency or even the integrity of anybody who uses the testimony of a fast-talking liar, to produce evidence.

To prove that Guy Paul Morin was framed, one requires specifics, and they will be provided, albeit sparingly. The simple fact of the matter is, that a complete disclosure of specifics is an extremely unrealistic expectation, in the absence of a general willingness to tell the truth, the whole truth... In the alternative, what must be carefully scrutinized is the credibility of the major players, and that is the focus of this work. What will ultimately be determined is that there is no reliable evidence which even remotely suggests that Guy Paul Morin is a murderer. And why is Morin a convicted murderer? The answer is rather clear; fear and paranoia, inspired by a senseless, brutal unsolved murder, made Morin a suspect, erroneous assumptions, fraud and deceit, made him a convicted murderer. On the surface, what has occurred is an unbelievable, unfathomable travesty of justice, but on close examination, the fiasco is entirely understandable, albeit unjustifiable. Human beings often seek to vindicate erroneous assumptions, rather than to engage a more trying, time-consuming, objective evaluation which promotes a reliable judgment. Indeed, the path to promoting a perversion of justice, is easily engaged. All it takes is a single, frustrated "honourable" person to erroneously accept the belief that Morin is in fact a repulsive murderer. Given an unyielding mindset, one is more likely to do whatever is necessary, to convict the so-called repulsive murderer, and authorities who go along with, rather than dispute the agenda of an "honourable" person are evidently a dime a dozen. Unfortunately however, it takes much more than admirable or honourable motives and the willingness to engage a persistent, manipulative, drive to prosecute, to promote justice. The credibility of a prosecution is determined through a careful, comprehensive analysis, not through the zeal to convict, and a perversion of justice, is a perversion despite the so-called honourable motives of so-called honourable people.

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