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Kidnapping and Extortion

May 2, 2004

On February 6, 2003, ABC News reported that "Michael Jackson, who was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy a decade ago but denied it, says in a new documentary that he still allows children to sleep over at his California ranch, Neverland."

ABC News also reported the following. "The boy, who says he met Jackson after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, said when he asked to spend the night in the singer's bedroom, Jackson gave him and his brother the bed and slept on the floor himself." After extensive coaching and prompting from a mother who has a history of exploiting criminal allegations, the boys have a different story to tell, today. Would you like to hear it? Oh, go ahead and make it up, any cheap pornographer can easily invent a tawdry tale, the media is good at it.

It was not until May, when the mother of Jackson's accuser met with Larry Feldman, who'd represented the family in the Jackson case 10 years ago, that accusations of child molestation were made. Needless to say, the fact that these allegations were such a big secret prior to May, needs to be explained. Kidnapping, death threats and coercion are an explanation which suggests that nobody said anything out of fear for their lives, but the District Attorney must come to grips with the fact that the explanation has to be reasonable, not outrageous.

It is quite clear that whoever is coaching the mother in this transparent scam to extort Michael Jackson is putting a great deal of thought into explaining away the fact that the family didn't tell anybody about sexual molestation allegations prior to May, but it doesn't make any sense to turn around and say that they were kidnapped to cover up something that was kept secret. Needless to say, this case is not about making sense. It is about extortion again because as soon as all the phantom, criminal co-conspirators are lined up and successfully prosecuted, then Michael Jackson's estate is essentially the property of civil litigation attorneys. That's the plan, but have Michael Jackson's accusers bitten off more than they can chew?

The driving force behind this Inquisition is Tom Sneddon, and whether he is acting on good faith or not, the perpetual vendetta against Michael Jackson is providing the opportunity to amalgamate the forces that seek to exploit the opportunity to extort a vulnerable target. On February 14, 2001, Tom Sneddon said, "The case against Michael Jackson was never closed, and he was never exonerated. It's in suspended animation and can be reopened at any time." The Bashir documentary invariably made Tom Sneddon feel vindicated by what was viewed to be a tawdry portrayal of Michael Jackson and that set the stage to accept the open invitation that Sneddon had issued in 1996, when he said, "the state of the investigation is in suspension until somebody comes forward and testifies." Tom Sneddon's open invitation is currently conspiring to pervert justice because it was accepted by those who have a history of exploiting false criminal allegations. The accuser appeared on national TV in the Bashir documentary holding hands with Jackson, who said the two had slept in the same bedroom but not the same bed. Jackson defended his sleep overs with children, describing the practice as sweet and innocent. The boy said he had met Jackson two years earlier and believed the singer's friendship and support had helped him recover from what doctors had said was terminal cancer and his parents were happy to let him spend time with Jackson. And now, we are supposed to believe that the family was not happy, the family was kidnapped.

Where do you find 12 people to believe that Michael Jackson, who never touched this cancer victim for over 2 years while he helped him recover, waited for the Bashir documentary to decide to molest the kid? The truth of the matter is, the Bashir documentary prompted those who are inclined to call Michael Jackson a child molester to suggest the worst and set the stage for the latest extortion effort, but this scam is way too elaborate to take seriously. The smoke and mirrors effort to create something out of nothing will never amount to anything because Michael Jackson is a public figure who leads a public life and the Bashir Documentary exposed the full extent of Michael Jackson's so called "weirdness," it did not leave anything for the imagination of those who are currently seeking to create the impression that Neverland is Alcatraz with valet parking. The only hell on earth where Neverland is concerned is created by overbearing opportunists who overstay their welcome because they are vulgar and inconsiderate.

The suggestion that anybody has ever been threatened and coerced to keep them from leaving Neverland is quite amusing, and it makes the false nature of the sexual molestation charges against Michael Jackson, very clear. The modus operandi of an overzealous prosecutor like Ted Sneddon is to put out as wide a net as possible to drag in as many fish as he can, so that he can work on the opportunity to squeeze the hell out of them. In the hands of a desperate prosecutor who cannot prove sexual molestation charges against Michael Jackson, co-conspiracy charges provide the opportunity that is required to compensate for sexual molestation allegations that are too weak, to stand on their own. It's an old trick that is used to squeeze criminals, but when it is used to target innocent people it is a repugnant scheme. Clearly, the zeal to destroy Michael Jackson's friends, simply because Tom Sneddon wants to destroy Michael Jackson, will never triumph. American soldiers are dying in Iraq as we speak, to give people the opportunity to be free of evil dictators, free of celebrity showboat trials, and free of overzealous prosecutors who make a mockery of the entire justice system.

The Grand Jury indictment said Jackson conspired with "other uncharged conspirators and co-conspirators," but the judge ordered that the parts of the indictment identifying them be removed before it was publicly released. What's the big secret? It is not even remotely plausible to cover up a scam that is so absolutely transparent, that not even Grand Jury secrecy will grant Tom Sneddon the competitive advantage he seeks. This game is over, and if Tom Sneddon is deluded enough to think that he is a serious player of his perpetual effort to "drive the weirdo out of town" nothing has changed.

Why is the Grand Jury beating around the bush, we all know who the co-conspirators are. Anybody who is in a position to prove that Michael Jackson is innocent, is supposed to be an evil, co-conspirator. It's like the insanity that surrounds the Laci Peterson case. Anybody who saw Laci walking the dog is either wrong, stupid, crazy or dead.

What Tom Sneddon is trying to do, to create the impression that Michael Jackson is a mastermind kidnapper is to cultivate somebody called an unindicted co-conspirator. It's a neat trick. All Tom has to do is to find somebody he can intimidate, threaten to lock him away for life if he doesn't cooperate, and grant him immunity, formal or otherwise, if he suggests that Michael Jackson conspired to coerce the person he allegedly molested. Some trick, huh? Tom Sneddon wants us to think that Michael Jackson used people like Frank Tyson and Vinnie Amen, to coerce a mother and her children to the point where they were afraid to reveal that Michael Jackson had sexually molested her son. The problem is, the women and her sons are tripping all over their lies in the process, because in effort to feign credibility the first time around, she had said that she was unaware of any sexual abuse allegations until a therapist brought them to her attention. So you see, Tom Sneddon make these bizarre, kidnapping and coercion allegations sound credible, because if the sexual assault allegations were such a well kept secret, there was no reason to coerce anybody.

This case is too weird because it is not Michael Jackson but Tom Sneddon who obstructs justice when he routinely targets anybody who is in a position to disprove the fraudulent claim that Michael jackson molested 12 year old Gavin Arvizo. Fortunately, for Michael Jackson, he keeps good company, and that is making Tom Sneddon's job very, very difficult. In particular, the two young college students who will invariably be targeted because they essentially expose the fraud behind Tom Sneddon's fraudulent allegations. Clearly, Frank Tyson and Vincent Amen are not coercive, extortionists. Frank Tyson and Vincent Amen, who watched over the family involved in the child molestation charges, are just two, laid back, 23-year old college students who were made weary by an overbearing guest at Neverland Ranch. The mother of Jackson's accusers thought that Michael Jackson's "help" was her own, and Amen, who was Tyson's college buddy and wanted to work in video and music, was about to be made weary by the mother of Michael Jackson's accuser. The demanding opportunist with the imposing personality treated Amen and Tyson like her personal babysitters and chauffeurs and she had clear expectations about exploiting Michael Jackson as evidenced by her anger over her view that the pop star had let her down because she claimed that "Michael promised he'd make my kids stars." Is that why her son was "exposed" in the Bashir documentary? And we are supposed to think that he was a kidnapped victim who was subject to coercion? If Tom Sneddon proves that, he is probably going to be the next President of the United States.

The claim that the family was held against their will at Neverland is very cute because the boys mother routinely abandoned her children, forcing the college students, Frank Tyson and Vincent Amen, to babysit while she socialized or went out with her boyfriend, Army Reserves Major Jay Jackson. If this mother was kidnapped, why didn't Army Reserves Major Jay Jackson, save her, or is he also a part of this elaborate scheme to destroy Michael Jackson? Clearly, one has to be literally brain-dead, to believe that Michael Jackson or any of his supporters, conspired to kidnap a woman who abandoned her children at Neverland Ranch because she is a selfish, unfit mother who should be in jail for her participation in this illegal, covert scheme to extort Michael Jackson.

No self-respecting authority would embrace this scam. Tom Sneddon abuses the dignity of his office by upping the ante to add creedence to transparent lies through the addition of "28 overt act charges" that are supposed to create the impression that lunatic charges are serious. At this point in time, it would be a huge revelation to learn that Tom Sneddon is smart enough to be able to count to 10, let alone produce 28 relevant allegations. The conspiracy count which alleges 28 individual overt acts involving child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion, is too stupid to take seriously, whether it is protected by Grand Jury secrecy or not. Indeed, publicizing the details will merely flesh out the illegal plot to destroy Michael Jackson. The effort to create the impression that sexual molestation charges against Michael Jackson, is not washing. We did not have to read the Starr Report to figure out the fact that Ken Starr was an overzealous crackpot, and the same goes for the so called 28 overt acts, that are making Tom Sneddon's supporters salivate. Clearly, the mother of the accuser had claimed that even she was not aware of sexual molestation charges against Michael Jackson, prior to May, and the claim that she was kidnapped to keep her from talking about something that she did not even know about, is as stupid as they come.

All nonsense aside, Tom Mesereau put it best, when he said, "this case is about one thing only. It's about the dignity, the integrity, the decency, the honor, the charity, the innocence and the complete vindication of a wonderful human being named Michael Jackson." If the other Tom thinks he can vindicate SneddonStory through preposterous allegations, he is wrong. Those who currently claim that Michael Jackson will be acquitted of the molestation charges but will be convicted of conspiring to abduct the child and his family, falsely imprison them and commit extortion by threatening grave consequences if they accused him, are living in Neverland. Tom Sneddon can offer the Pope immunity to testify for the prosecution, but in the final analysis, he ought to be very careful because he is jeopardizing the integrity of "state's evidence" the very same way that Ken Starr destroyed the Independent Counsel Statute.

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