The most investigated man in America
Scott Peterson has been cleared by forensics and 24/7 police surveillance.

Goldberg: Mark, did you plant any blood?

Fuhrman: No Lucianne, Laci was pregnant, that would clear him.

Goldberg: What?

Fuhrman: Conner was a full term baby, remember?

Goldberg: What the hell are we going to do now?

Fuhrman: We have to use his own words, remember Skakel?

Goldberg: But he was innocent Mark.

Fuhrman: That's what I mean.

Goldberg: Hey Dominick, any ideas?

Dunne: Well, Lucianne, Scott is not a Kennedy.

Goldberg: Oh, shut up you fool, Mark, what do we have to do now?

Fuhrman: We use his own words.

Goldberg: You taped 4 thousand calls and you have nothing to show for it?

Fuhrman: Lucianne, Scott is innocent.

Goldberg: I know stupid, I mean another confession, a "con-fession."

Fuhrman: Well, we have 176 calls that nobody even knows about.

Goldberg: So what does that mean?

Fuhrman: "I am going to get away with murder because I am a Kennedy."

Goldberg: aaaaaaaaaaahahaha, good boy Mark, you had me worried there, for a second.

Fuhrman: Lucianne, darling, you're talking to the best.

Goldberg: Okay, but we need a foreigner on tape, you know a southern drawl that will make Nancy Grace pee her pants.

Fuhrman: Relax Lucianne, WE made him call Scott, remember? Besides, the standard of proof is Richard Ricci, we're not talking rocket science here. Nancy Grace thinks that breathing is incriminating.

Goldberg: Dunne will just love that famous, southern drawl.

Fuhrman: Hey, where are you going?

Goldman: I have friends in Langley.

Fuhrman: What are you talking about, get off the phone, I have an idea?

Goldberg: Deepthroat, is that you?

Deepthroat: Hi Lucianne, who's the target now?

Goldberg: Scott Peterson.

Deepthroat: What?

Goldberg: You heard me, how do we get a conviction?

Deepthroat: Oh my God, Goldberg, I told you about the Bin Laden tape didn't I?

Goldberg: Oh yes Deep, that actor made Bin Laden say that Iraq supported Alquaeda, and then we invaded. How was that audio recovered again?

Deepthroat: Recovered and recycled phonerecords Lucianne, don't you remember we had his phone tapped BEFORE we tipped him off?

Goldberg: Oh yeah but he's dead.

Deepthroat: Lucianne [using his finest, southern drawl]

Goldberg: Sorry Deep, must be all this pressure that David Sween has created.

Deepthroat: Look Lucianne, it isn't that complicated. You recover an audio recording, you say that nobody has ever heard it before and nobody can say it has been manufactured in Langley, Virginia. It's an old standard Lucianne. Audio is the best, you can create gaps, remember? Oh, and make sure the judge hears it first, you know, it will make him think he's Sherlock.

Goldberg: Thanks Deep.

Deepthroat: Goodnight Lucianne.

Fuhrman: What did he say?

Goldberg: Mark, you're a genius, did you say you have 176 new cellphone records that nobody has ever heard before?

Fuhrman: That's right Lucianne.

Goldberg: That's plenty.

Fuhrman: And don't forget the stripper.

Goldberg: Oh that's right, she was going to drive Scott to Mexico. How much heroin is it going to cost this time?

Fuhrman: Don't worry Lucianne, Dunne is going to write a bestseller and you'll get all your cash back?

Goldberg: Oh yeah, his rehabilitation program. Mark, stay out of the limelight this time.

Fuhrman: Easy for you to say. I do all the work and Brazelton gets all the glory?

Goldberg: Mark !

Fuhrman: I know, I know, Geragos is no Mickey Sherman.

Goldberg: Remember the golden rule Mark.

Fuhrman: I know, I know, nobody talks, everybody walks?

Goldberg: Except Scott, aaaaaaaaahahahahahaha ! What about the trucker, how's his testimony coming along?

Fuhrman: He's all freaked out about all this talk concerning Laci's head.

Goldberg: God Damned it Mark, how much longer can we delay the prelim?

Fuhrman: We can always pull a Richard Ricci.

Goldberg: And then we'll never know...

Fuhrman: And we have the tape as backup.

Goldberg: aaaaaaaaaaahahaha, that sounds more like, "we can always pull a Gregory Coleman".

Fuhrman: It's mix and match time Lucianne, by the way, you remember Gregory Coleman, don't you Dominick? He's the one who said that Michael Skakel said, "I'm a Kennedy, I'm going to get away with murder", and then the poor fellow overdosed on heroin, after a judge put his testimony/crap on the record.

Goldberg: Too bad nobody believed the jerk.

Fuhrman: But everybody printed it.

Goldberg: Duh, why the hell do you think we need to rehabilitate Dominick Dunne?

Fuhrman: Right, hey Dunne, what are we going to call this one?

Dunne: How about, 'Murder in Modesto'?

Fuhrman: Brilliant!

Goldberg: Cause of death?

Fuhrman: Brilliantly concealed.

Goldberg: Murder weapon?

Fuhrman: Brilliantly concealed.

Goldberg: Dunne, do we need a murder weapon?

Dunne: How about 'Death by golfball'?

Goldberg: Sounds like a 'soft kill' to me.

Dunne: Done.

Fuhrman: Nancy Grace will love that, Scott's a golfer.

Goldberg: That should kill another alibi.

Dunne: Wow, I'm a famous sleuth again. Everybody loves Dominick Dunne, except that pesky, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Fuhrman: I don't know about you Dominick, but I'm beginning to get the feeling that Scott is going to hang himself after the judge hears the recovered audio tape.

Dunne: What a great book. Sounds just like Ken Littleton, who now claims that Michael Skakel confessed to him personally, a direct contradiction to his sworn testimony at trial. Isn't that like a revised audio? I wonder why Michael never killed himself?

Goldberg: Shutup Dominick.

Fuhrman: Idiot !

Date Posted: 06/19/2003 8:45 AM by David Sween
If nobody has ever heard the 176 audios, then how does demagogue Nancy Grace, Modesto Police Department blowhard, KTVU-TV's, Ted Rowlands, ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY, SAN FRANCISCO, JIM HAMMER, and JEANINE FERRIS PIRRO, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK, know about the recording of the man with the southern drawl?

Is that the kidnapper who shot Laci in the head or was Laci shot by the secret witness who allegedly saw Scott Peterson transporting Laci's lifeless body, on December 23rd, the day before she was witnessed, walking her dog.

Who is feeding all the rumors about the stripper?

Date: 2003-06-19 Posted by Caroline Eves
176 calls that nobody has ever heard of?

This has got to be the biggest joke of the century. 176 calls that nobody has ever listened to and Nancy Grace has an orgasm hosting Larry King Live, as she discusses the man with the southern drawl, on the tapes that nobody has ever heard. Sounds like she doesn't know the difference between drool and drawl.

Date: 2003-06-19 17:19:27
Barb Douglas wrote:

The Da's Office is in full, damage control mode, and they have dispatched an army of pro-Prosecution Posters, to explain away the effort to frame Scott Peterson. Bluehous always come through, he's the poster who claimed that a trucker/cop spotted Scott with his wife's lifeless body, driving to the Marina at 3 am., on December 23, 2002. Needless to say, like Richard Ricci before him, Scott was also sleeping with his wife, at the time the Prosecution's secret witness allegedly spotted Scott with Laci's head flopping back and forth, in his truck. The significance of this secret witness is bigger than ever, now that Scott would like to know where Laci's head is. This is what Bluehouse is currently posting:

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These recordings were discovered and recovered by an expert from Pen-Link which is the software used for the wiretap.

He was explaining I believe that the technology AT &T uses caused the software to not signal the agents monitoring that there was an incoming call.

The calls were copied to a CD and sent to the judge only. Only 10 seconds of one call was listened to, a man with a southern drawl talking about business with Scott. There is more info on the LKL thread from last night.

Of course some of you are going to insist the agents listened to everything then told everything to the DA. Whatever. It makes no difference because just like the other calls in question, the judge will decide what if anything will be allowed to be used.


Date: 2003-06-19 17:28:32
David Sween wrote:

NANCY GRACE: New evidence revealed in last- minute court filings. Today, 176 new phone calls added to the state's ammo against Scott Peterson.


Date: 2003-06-19 17:37:43
Barb Douglas wrote:

Ted Rowlands: These were -- there's 176 different calls. They're not sure that all 176 of these are actual phone calls or discussions between Scott Peterson and anybody else. However, they were found by a district attorney investigator.

And to see if -- just randomly, they checked in on one of these calls, listened for it for 10 seconds, and it was Scott Peterson talking to somebody with a Southern drawl. So at that point, they stopped recording right away, and they sealed all of these calls up. They put them onto a CD. They sealed it and have handed it over now to the judge in this case, Judge Girolami.

Date: 2003-06-19 17:44:25
David Sween wrote:

That's typical spin. Notice how they casually turn "ammo against Scott Peterson" into "a man with a southern drawl talking about business with Scott."

That's like the difference between a brutal homicide and a "soft kill". If you don't read between the lines, you can frame anybody, anytime.

 Date: 2003-06-19 18:15:05
Tom Wilkinson wrote:

The CD was obviously released to compensate for the fact that there is no forensic evidence to implicate Scott, no blood was found in Laci's home, and when you are trying to understand a criminal investigation, timing is everything -the recovery of a new CD is a major development.

Date: 2003-06-19 18:35:48
David Sween wrote:
Don't you just love their "talking points."

"No harm, no foul."

No doubt, DEMAGOGUE Nancy Grace, ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY, SAN FRANCISCO, JIM HAMMER, and JEANINE FERRIS PIRRO, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK determined that if they can make Christopher Pixley cry "no harm, no foul" they can successfully frame Scott Peterson.

The boy is young, plenty of room to grow and to learn and already, a very fine, fine attorney.


Granting Murderers immunity from prosecution.


Why are Murderers granted immunity from prosecution?

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