A serial fool?

The presumption of Guilt

In my opinion, Dan Abrams is a fool, and I use the mention of his name in this webpage and in this webpage, to rest my case.

The fact that he is exceedingly disgusting is related to his suggestion that he has the power to declare that "the presumption of innocence does not and should not exist outside a courtroom." In his own words, "for us to presume someone innocent is for us to say the authorities must have gotten it wrong when they arrested someone." What an absolutely idiotic suggestion. By implication, Dan Abrams essentially claims that the authorities are always correct, and that explains his slimey effort to "help" the authorities by manipulating the evidence, to create the false impression that Scott Peterson murdered his wife Laci. That is what you in fact call obstruction of justice, and since Dan Abrams does not believe in the presumption of innocence, he should be arrested without delay, and a jury should decide his fate.

WELL IT MAY sound shocking, but in the words of Dan Abrams, when it comes to determining guilt or innocence, "Iím not willing to assume...unless I am a juror," and if that is the case, Dan Abrams has agreed to let a jury determine his fate, regarding the fact that he is manipulating the evidence in the Laci Peterson, murder investigation. Arrest Dan Abrams, because when people like him continue to pervert justice, the mystery behind the murder of Laci Peterson will never be solved.

The media is a major violator of the presumed innocent principle because talking heads routinely make comments like "he got a fair trial, he got convicted" and the preposterous suggestion that the words "fair" and "conviction" or "accused" and "guilty" are synonymous, is simply ludicrous. Needless to say, it is very difficult to overcome the presumption of guilt, and any defendant who is not represented by the best and the brightest is as good as convicted, not because he or she is necessarily guilty but because the presumption of guilt is often more than enough to give a cunning prosecutor the edge he or she requires, to take advantage of the stacked deck.

Famed Attorney, Gerry Spense, is an exceptional lawyer who speaks from experience when he says,
There is a presumption of innocence, not a presumption of guilt, and everybody in this country has lost his presumption of innocence and goes into the courtroom, presumed guilty. People who do not have first hand experience with the justice system might be surprised to note that the problem appears to be so widespread that anybody who is oblivious to the fact that miscarrages of justice are very common, is promoting the myth rather than the reality. The average American in this country cannot get a fair trial. Ninety-seven per cent of the people charged eventually get convicted --now that is a frightening statistic. And I will tell you that a fair trial in this country is the biggest myth that's been laid out on the American people since the beginning of time.
What gives Dan Abrams the impression that he has the right to dismiss reliable evidence, simply because he does not believe in the presumption of innocence?


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