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JFK Jr. was a cautious, methodical pilot, of the sort that does not commit suicide.
JFK JR. said:

The press has mutated into a separate constituency, with its own particular aspirations and agendas increasingly divergent from yours.

Primary Motive: People with vision and courage die with their boots on.

Thursday, April 6 2000

nsnews staff

He was not a God, he was not a Saint, he was not a Martyr -he was just a decent man who was born while his father was the President of the United States. The mythology is simply a consequence of his gifts. He had the looks of an imagined Greek God, the disposition of a Saint and the courage of a Martyr. These are the rare combination of qualities that made JFK Jr. a great man. He would have made a great president and there is not the slightest doubt, that is exactly what he intended

Life is like a circle, and we always go back to the place we call home. The first home that JFK Jr. ever knew was the White House and his fascination with politics was the assurance that he would return. He would have returned. Everybody knows it, but nobody will publicly admit it. For some, the pain is too great, for others, the speculation is inconclusive. But for the vast majority, ignorance is bliss.

The remarkable fact about JFK Jr. is that all his enemies were invisible. Nobody ever dared to publicly challenge JFK Jr., despite the fact that there exists an entire cabal of antiliberal scavengers who salivate over the prospect of using the words liberal and evil Communist, in the same breath. Clearly, JFK Jr. had many enemies, and if you don't know who they are, it is because they are all cowards.

When Kennedy claimed that the press had mutated, he certainly meant the publishing world as well, and he had made it his mission to uncover the secret world of David Heymann. Beyond all the secrecy, David Heymann is a “biographer” who is an expert at trashing the Kennedys the way anti-Clinton hate mongers currently use liars and admitted perjurers to promote the preposterous claim that President Clinton is a rapist and a murderer. Likewise, Heymann promotes pure slander and libel, but that is the nature of the publishing world today. The truth is highly censored while trash is generously funded, supported, and repeatedly given a face lift, to make it “I am you” attractive.

If Kennedy had befriended Heymann, it is certainly not because he admired him. Heymann writes fiction and calls it biography at the expense of dead Kennedys. Given his record, it is not surprising that he claims that Kennedy’s final words to him were “I’m really not that experienced a pilot.” It is not at all surprising that people like David Heymann promoted the myth that pilot inexperience was the cause of JFK Jr.’s plane crash. David Heymann did not waste any time at all trying to exploit the death of JFK Jr., and that is entirely within the character of a man who writes fiction and calls it biography. To be sure, if America’s Crown Prince was an inexperienced crash victim, the blame is conveniently contained. It’s just like blaming Clinton for the failed coup d’etat. But even if Monica Lewinsky had never been born, Clinton would still be under investigation, and he would still be a rapist and a murderer, in the eyes of deluded biographers. And all of his enemies consistently claim that there is no vast right wing conspiracy. Indeed, they are absolutely right. It is not a conspiracy. It is an Inquisition.

The evidence that JFK Jr. and his passengers were murdered is astoundingly conclusive. The following is a direct quote from an uncensored news group post: Commentaries made by Jim Keith, George Magazine, journalist Barry Chamish and Sherman Skolnick suggested that, and I quote: "The recovered aircraft shows evidence of an explosive device having been glued or affixed within the tail luggage compartment" End of the quotation. According to the media, the radar shows that the Piper Saratoga (I have flown a similar type of aircraft, the Cherokee 6) was cruising a steady course towards its destination. All of a sudden the airplane made a turn to the right and then it came down in a spiral. This has been ruled out pilot error by disorientation. Impossible! On a night like that one you don't take the plane out of the auto-pilot until the last minute, usually after you make contact with the tower. Second, when a pilot loses control of the plane a series of maneuvers (not shown on radar) takes place before it hits the ground. At this point it is too late to put on the auto-pilot. The pilot first reaction is to gain control of his or her aircraft. Now lets have all this analyzed. As it has been suggested that the plane's tail blew up because a devise was glued or affixed to the section of the Saratoga. I'll tell you what would have happened at that particular moment. The expansion of the bomb (small bomb) would have made the plane swing to one side on a sudden turn and then go down like a piano. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. The radar showed no intention of recoveries, like, nose up and down, right and left turns inverted situation, accelerations and stalls situations At this moment, I have to say that John F Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister Lauren were MURDERED. And doesn't the tiny bomb explain the fact that their luggage washed ashore before their bodies were discovered? Strange, but true.

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