The Plot to frame Michael Jackson

Wednesday April 28, 2004

In 1993, Evan Chandler claimed that Michael Jackson had molested his son. He pursued child-abuse charges in a civil rather than a criminal court because that is what crafty extortionists do. Clearly, anybody Who seeks a financial payoff in lieu of a criminal prosecution is not to be taken seriously, and no self-respecting prosecutor would do anything beyond charge Evan Chandler for conspiring to extort money from Michael Jackson.

Chandler and Jackson ultimately reached an out-of-court settlement, and lawyers for both men announced the deal in a joint, one-page statement wherein Michael Jackson twice asserted his innocence. Two years after the agreement was signed, Chandler claimed that Michael Jackson violated the terms of their agreement because Michael Jackson continued to assert his innocence. Did Evan Chandler think that time would give him the opportunity to fade the memory that Michael Jackson paid him off without sacrificing the claim that he was innocent? That is evidently what Evan Chandler thought, because after filing a civil suit which was reportedly settled out of court in 1994, Evan Chandler demanded another $60 million dollars in 1996.

Evan Chandler thought that Michael Jackson was his own private goose that laid the golden egg. In 1996, he went back to court and demanded 60 million dollars, on a foundation of absurd allegations like the demand to impose a ban on the lyrics of Michael Jackson's HIStory album and to replace them with a so called, non-offensive rendition called EVANstory. You probably think that this is a joke, but it isn't. It's Michael Jackson's Waco critics, and since discovering the fact that the media is more interested in publicizing sexual assault allegations against Michael Jackson, the bizarre truth is rarely promoted.

In retrospect, sexual molestation charges against Michael Jackson are too frivolous to take seriously. If Evan Chandler was a conscientious father who was genuinely concerned about the claim that Michael Jackson had sexually molested his child, he would have delivered Jackson's head on a silver platter, he would not have merely sought to pick his pocket. Moreover, when Evan Chandler allowed Michael Jackson to state his innocence TWICE in the joint statement they released, to settle the sexual allegation lawsuit, he essentially proved that Michael Jackson was the only one who cared about justice. Those who were not in it for the sake of lining the pockets of all involved failed to indict the extortionists, and that is the ultimate tragedy that the current, sexual assault allegations, media circus, even more outrageous than the previous one.

Make no mistake about it, Evan Chandler was never concerned about presenting evidence that his son was sexually molested and assaulted, to a prosecutor. Instead, he focused on the obsession to manufacture a fiction, and to find a mouthpiece, to promote it. Quoted in GQ Magazine, Evan Chandler said, “This attorney I found, I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could find. All he wants to do is get this out in the public as fast as he can, as big as he can, and humiliate as many people as he can. He’s nasty, he’s mean, he’s very smart, and he’s hungry for the publicity.” In describing the plot to destroy Jackson, Chandler said, "There are other people involved that are waiting for my phone call that are in certain positions. I’ve paid them to do it. Everything’s going according to a certain plan that isn’t just mine. Once I make that phone call, this guy [his attorney, Barry K. Rothman, presumably] is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it. And I’ve given him full authority to do that.”

Chandler's Attorney, Barry Rothman, was certainly the sort to exploit the opportunity that Michael Jackson presented. According to a former colleague, to know Rothman is to believe that Barry could have “devised this whole plan, period. This [making allegations against Michael Jackson] is within the boundary of his character, to do something like this.” The manipulation and deceit that Rothman practices has earned him a reputation for stiffing people, and Michael Jackson is not the only man who has earned the right to hate him. His credit profile lists more than thirty creditors and judgment holders who were after him, and that's only a list of those who bothered. It is no wonder that his former wife is perplexed over the fact that someone hadn't "done him in".

In a nutshell, Barry Rothman, the man who "develops" Michael Jackson's accusers is a certified fraud artist. His entire life is a portrait of a deadbeat loser who routinely filed for bankruptcy after creating shell companies to hide his assets and thereby defraud his creditors. Barry Rothman is essentially an unindicted felon, and the failure to put him in jail where he belongs, is extremely peculiar. Is law enforcement that restricted or incompetent?

It is not possible to reasonably dispute the claim that Evan Chandler hired Barry Rothman to hatch the opportunity to exploit his relationship with Michael Jackson. In 1993, Chandler said, “I had a good communication with Michael. We were friends. I liked him and I respected him and everything else for what he is. There was no reason why he had to stop calling me. I sat in the room one day and talked to Michael and told him exactly what I want out of this whole relationship. What I want.” We certainly found out what Evan Chandler wanted when he demanded a further 60 million dollars, to settle outrageous complaints. But let's get serious here. If Michael Jackson had in fact molested his son, a serious, mature parent would not go around saying, "Gee....there was no reason the alleged molester had to stop calling me."

Like his lawyer, Evan Chandler is a certified loser. Indeed, the very day he filed papers against Michael Jackson, he filed custody proceedings against his former wife, because Evan Chandler required the custody of Jordan Chandler to pocket Michael Jackson's money, and that is the 2nd worst case of child abuse, that has been orchestrated in the name of the law. A bitter custody dispute that is inspired by the sleazy obsession to control what is in effect, an "extortion estate" manifests motivations that are so mean and ugly, that it is even easier to excuse the disgusting deeds of pedophiles who acts out of addiction, rather than out of the conscious disregard that leads one to "destroy everybody in sight" to use Chandler's own words.

Let us be explicit, shall we. Prior to discovering the tooth fairy, Evan Chandler was a deadbeat dad who divorced in 1985. The court awarded sole custody of Michael Jackson's child molestation accuser to his mother and ordered Chandler to pay $500 a month in child support. By 1993, Chandler owed his ex-wife $68,000, and instead of assuming his responsibilities, he chose to extort Michael Jackson.

To be sure, it takes more than one deadbeat, to abuse the legal system, and if his lawyer was not a fellow deadbeat loser, it is difficult to imagine how the plot to obtain custody of Michael Jackson's accuser would have existed, but it did. The conduct of Evan Chandler reflected the actions of a man who essentially "hijacked" the law. When Evan Chandler asked his ex-wife to allow the boy to stay with him for a “one-week visitation period,” and then refused to return the boy, the motivation behind the bitter custody battle that ensued, was very clear. It would have been nice if Chandler had the boys best interest in mind, but he was merely executing the plan of a corrupt legal mind like Barry Rothman, and you can take that claim to the very same bank that cashed Michael Jackson's cheques.

The plot gets thicker. After snatching control of the son he had abandoned, the boy was administered the controversial drug sodium Amytal, to reduce his resistance to planting suggestions, and it was after this session that Michael Jackson's accuser learned that he had been molested. In other words, when you connect all the dots, it is very clear and obvious that Chandler and Rothman had no intention of abiding by a visitation agreement which was nothing more and nothing less than a ploy to exploit a child for the sake of extorting Michael Jackson.

Having cultivated the field, Barry Rothman sought an expert’s opinion to help establish the allegations against Jackson. The expert, a psychologist who was ethically bound to report allegations of sexual abuse, contacted the police, and that is when they got involved. Prosecutors and police departments in two jurisdictions, spent millions of dollars and after two grand juries questioned close to 200 witnesses, including 30 children who knew Jackson, not a single corroborating witness could be found, and the police spared no expense in the effort -they even traveled to Australia, to interview kids who had slept in Michael Jackson's bedroom. Even the current claim that a cancer patient who stayed at Jackson's Neverland Ranch on a few occasions, was sexually molested, has been investigated by child welfare authorities and proven to be unfounded. It should be a federal offense to duplicate an investigation which has repeatedly proven to be an utter waste of time and resources, because the pedophiles who are currently sexually assaulting children, are on the street because legitimate law enforcement lacks the required resources to put all the creeps on the street out of business.

To be sure, Tom Sneddon says that child welfare authorities did not investigate sexual assault allegations, they conducted interviews. Okay, they conducted interviews and determined that the allegations were unfounded. When Jackson's former attorney, Mark Geragos was in court defending Scott Peterson, 40 police officers and 20 FBI agents raided Michael Jackson's property. Is that what Tom Sneddon calls an investigation?

The mother of the current complainant is a seasoned shakedown artist. J.C. Penney Co. paid the boy's family $137,500 in November 2001, to settle a lawsuit alleging security guards beat the boy, his mother and his brother in a parking lot after the boy left the store carrying clothes he hadn't been paid for. Two years after the confrontation, the mother decided that one of the guards had sexually assaulted her, making it the first time in history that a security guard has been able to get away with beating up a child and sexually assaulting the mother, in the process of trying to prevent a burglary. This disturbed woman who is being used because she has a history of exploiting false, criminal allegations should be pitied, she should not be "in the custody" of those who seek to extort Michael Jackson.

The current case against Michael Jackson is not a serious prosecution because it reflects the same earmarks of another cultivated witness who is being used to further extort Michael Jackson, and the suggestion that the similarities are merely a coincidence is manifest delusion.

Regardless, the same ploy of using an expert's opinion to help establish manufactured allegations will never triumph where Michael Jackson is concerned because there is absolutely no excuse for revisiting the scam that is responsible for extorting money through phony, sexual assault allegations.

No reasonable person can dispute the simple fact that Michael Jackson was and is innocent. The blatant greed and exploitation of the effort to use a child, cancer victim to extort money from Michael Jackson, would be difficult to imagine without people like Barry Rothman, Evan Chandler, and the mother of the latest accuser.

Like Evan Chandler, the mother of the latest complainant initially contacted a civil lawyer, and it certainly did not take long to determine the need to develop a new angle to divert attention away from the fact that this latest extortion attempt is exactly the same as the previous one -it is all about money, and only somebody like Nancy Grace, Diane Dimond or Tom Sneddon, would suggest otherwise. Most people are not that ignorant.

Fickle talking heads that include Tom Sneddon have repeatedly claimed that changes in the law are responsible for the fact that charges are currently being pursued in criminal rather than in civil court, but do you buy the crap of some of the same idiots who claimed that Howard Dean was going to be the triumphant, Democratic Nominee? The fact of the matter is, the latest accuser is pursuing Jackson in criminal court because she has absolutely no choice. The civil suit route to extort money from Michael Jackson cannot possibly be duplicated until Michael Jackson is criminally convicted. Even George Bush understands the validity of “fool me once shame on you...” why doesn’t Tom Sneddon and all the pundits who insist that changes in the law are responsible for the current change in venue?

The credibility of those who suggest that Michael Jackson is guilty of sexually molested a child has already been flushed down the toilet. Indeed, the very same sexual molestation complainants who are responsible for the current charges against Michael Jackson are recorded on tape, praising the King of Pop for providing support, love, guidance and advice, and the boy's mother even said that God had blessed them by bringing Jackson into their lives. Kimberley Guilfoyle, who is herself an intelligent prosecutor, has heard the tape, and indicated that this evidence is extremely damaging to the prosecution. Why is Tom Sneddon trying to create the impression that the proven liars who are accusing Michael Jackson, are credible? Is he that desperate?

The attorney for the father of the boy who is currently alleging that he was molested by Michael Jackson, is one of many voices who have exposed the shakedown artists that are currently seeking to extort Michael Jackson. According to attorney, H. Russell Halpern, the boys father believes the boy's mother is unfit and does not believe that Michael Jackson abused his son. In his own words, "either she places a child in a home in which he's in danger of being molested, or the alternative, she is encouraging a child to make false accusations. Either way, it makes her unfit." If prosecutors cannot even convince the boys own father that his son was sexually molested, what makes them believe that they can convince a jury?

Thomas Mesereau Jr., is not Barry Rothman or Thomas Sneddon, he is an intelligent, ethical, highly respected attorney who will make sure that anybody who further seeks to extort Michael Jackson will add an orange jumpsuit to his or her wardrobe. Kind of suits somebody like Thomas Sneddon, doesn't it? Nobody can really be that dumb, can they? Ignorance is no excuse, is it? Michael Jackson is innocent. The questions are merely a manifestation of the extreme obscenity of the current, sexual molestation charges against the pop icon with the deep pockets.

UPDATE: The absurdity of extortion charges.

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