Who is trying to destroy Michael Jackson?

  December 26, 2003


Tom Sneddon targets Jackson, again.

Sneddon has pursued Michael Jackson twice over 10 years on allegations of child molestation. The two time loser is effectively a 3-time loser, because this time around, his motivation is crystal clear -he absolutely hates Michael Jackson, and that became very, very clear in a news conference where he could not contain his glee, over the arrest of Michael Jackson. The problem is, you need evidence, not contempt, to convict Michael Jackson, and Tom Sneddon has never been able to produce any, over his decade-long vendetta.

Tom Sneddon thinks he is untouchable, but the verdict on that is still out.

Defense Attorney, Dennis Dunlap is after Tom Sneddon, and if the frivolous allegations against Jackson are any indication, Dennis Dunlap knows exactly what he is talking about.

According to Dunlap, "Last year, I was wrongfully prosecuted for a number of crimes, crimes I did not commit." Dunlap is putting his money where his mouth is, he is appropriately suing Tom Sneddon.

If Dunlap is not telling the truth, why isn't Tom Sneddon suing him? Moreover, why is he hiding from the media? The few appearances that he does make are so preposterous, that he has to schedule another appearance to apologize, raising serious questions about the mental stability of this strange, D.A.

The D.A. had charged Dunlap, a frequent critic of the department, with perjury and witness intimidation, and Dunlap exposed the substance of those charges when he said, "We went to a jury trial and I was acquitted on all counts."

Dunlap is suing Sneddon for malicious prosecution, and naturally questions the D.A.'s case against Jackson, because, Dunlap says, "He said he had a very strong case against me. The problem was that his whole strong case was manufactured."

Clearly, the case against Michael Jackson is absolutely manufactured because the interviews that child welfare authorities conducted have already exposed the truth, and Tom Sneddon has "cried wolf" at least twice too often. Justice will be restored when Tom Sneddon is arrested for manufacturing evidence, because as long as D.A.'s think they can get away with manufacturing evidence, there is no such thing as justice.

Tom Sneddon likes to hide from the media, so we offer this interview parody because a free society demands public accountability.

UPDATE: Tom Sneddon's strategy to destroy Michael Jackson.

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