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David Sween is a busy, Private Investigator, constantly undercover for a major Agency in a large, US city.

David Sween is the Alan Greenspan of the criminal justice community. When Sween talks, everybody listens, and the "market" moves in a very predictable fashion. His track record is impressive.

When David Sween said that the murder of the Chandra Levy had all the earmarks of a professional hit, the nervous murderers returned the remains, to make it appear as if the police are too incompetent to recognize a professional hit.

When David Sween discovered the transparent attempt to frame Scott Peterson, he exposed the trashy gimmicks of hired guns like P.I., Bill Garcia. The effort to frame Scott routinely collapsed because David Sween provided a play-by-play commentry, explaining the difference between a genuine discovery and the zeal to plant evidence. Indeed, David Sween frustrated the quacks who tried to frame Scott Peterson, to the point where they used a pair of pliers and a planted hair, to rebuttal David Sween's claim that Laci's kidnappers shot her in the head.

Like the return of Chandra Levy's body, Laci's desperate murderers planted the bodies out of sheer frustration, because their private scandal network had failed to secure what Ted Rowlands repeatedly called "Scott Peterson's imminent arrest." The word in the media was that the police did not need a body to arrest scott Peterson, but that claim of false confidence relied on quacks like Bill Garcia who were supposed to "cement" the case against Scott. David Sween countered the zeal to cement the case against Scott by exposing the lunacy of all the fickle efforts to manufacture Scott's guilt, and the frustrated murderers returned the bodies. The failure to produce the dramatic effects that were required to suggest that Scott Peterson was in fact a murderer had dictated the zeal to destroy Scott Peterson's alibi.

Disclaimer: David Sween responds to all his email, but he typically has a backlog of between 30-60 days because he is always on assignment.





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