Police Leaks have exonerated Scott Peterson


Who murdered Laci?


Laci was shot in the head by the people who kidnapped her. Returning the body when it is forensically useless in not a mystifying process. It is the act of deliberate, cold-blooded, calculating murderers, and if we pretend that we do not know the cause of death, we have no business accusing anybody of murder.

When Detective David Sween proved that laci Peterson was shot in the head, the prosecution panicked and leaked autopsy records, hoping to re-direct the focus away from the claim that Laci was shot in the head and towards an autopsy that did not expose the cause of death. It was a very sneaky manoeuvre but it backfired when the emotional Rochas lost control, and needed a burglary to regain the feeling that they were getting back at Scott Peterson, for hiring a sneaky lawyer who leaked autopsy records. In actual fact, Mark Geragos had absolutely nothing to do with leaking the autopsy records. The prosecution is clearly responsible for that. The prosecution is guilty of contempt of court, and the Judge that does not rein in the tyranny of deliberately ignoring the law, is aiding and abeting the lynching of Scott Peterson.

This isn't rocket science, there is no mystery about the fact that the defense DID NOT leak autopsy records. Why would they? They were so busy following false, satanic cult leads, they wouldn't even think about it. And even if they did think about it, Mark Geragos clearly understands the fact that if he leaked, against court orders, he'd be wearing Susan McDougal's leg irons and orange jumpsuit. Clearly, Mark Geragos makes mistakes and says things that are not appropriate, but Mark Geragos is not a moron.

We could excuse the leak if it was not followed by a cover up, but this prosecution is so corrupt and so deceptive, that it claimed that the leaks favored the defense and that they would like to unseal the record, to restore balance. How can they possibly blame the defense for something that they are directly responsible for? How can they possibly restore balance? The entire autopsy has been leaked. This prosecution is merely trying to suggest that it has nothing to hide, and the fact is, they do not even have a single legitimate cause, to arrest Scott Peterson. If leaking autopsy records favors Scott Peterson, it is because Scott Peterson did not murder Laci. This leak is not excusable and the effort to blame the defense is so absolutely repugnant, that this is one prosecution that does not even have the authority to prosecute a ham sandwich. No doubt, Laci's murderers are smiling, as long as these fools are in charge.

Needless to say, their singleminded gameplan is to catch Mark Geragos with his pants down. It worked with Skakel, but the murderers in this case WILL NOT be granted immunity from prosecution. Framing a scapegoat like Scott Peterson may very well be the equivalent of granting a homicidal maniac like Ken Littleton immunity, but it's not going to happen this time. The plot to frame Scott Peterson has failed. Indeed, this prosecution is so absolutely corrupt that it has even, knowingly violated California law on wiretaps, and that is not because Geragos says so. That's because Geragos finally got something right. That satanic cult crap is just a dead end investigation that was prompted by the failure to bring Laci Peterson's murderers to justice. The prosecution has repeatedly violated state law by repeatedly listening to calls between Scott Peterson and his lawyer, and anybody who is not shocked by this gross misconduct belongs in Castro's Cuba. If this prosecution survives this gross misconduct, it can pretend to be law abiding and it can continue to seek to find yet another way, to lynch Scott Peterson. It is really a very entertaining performance. Instead of initiating a contempt of court investigation that should apply whenever a court order has been violated, the D.A. wants to unseal the records so that it can no longer be accused. That's like robbing a bank and producing a withdrawal receipt for the amount that was stollen, to cover up the crime.

The prosecution can catch Geragos with his pants down, but it can't frame Scott Peterson again and again and again and again.......and expect to get away with it. Enough is enough.

There is no question about the fact that somebody is going to extraordinary lengths to create the false impression that Scott Peterson murdered his wife. Indeed, the proof that the bodies were planted to destroy Scott's alibi is absolutely conclusive, because the chances of a fetus and a corpse without a head washing up on shore at almost the same time is about 50 billion to one. That's because the likelihood that the head would perish at sea and the fetus would miraculously survive, is a combination which is clearly a consequence of human, rather than divine intervention. We live life forwards and understand it backwards, and the understanding of the evidence that emerges is very clear. Connor was evidently delivered in captivity, Laci was probably shot in the head and that is what is easily discerned from the peculiar recovery of body parts which were supposed to horrify the public and force the arrest of Scott Peterson. Fiction is not horrific. The fact that Laci was shot in the head, that's horrific. The fact that Connor was delivered in captivity, probably a miscarriage, that's horrific. The claim that Scott allegedly murdered Laci the day before she was seen walking her dog, that's horrific. The fact that Laci was struggling for her like while everybody was looking for a corpse, that's horrific.

Those who like to suggest that there is no evidence that Laci was shot in the head are wrong. There is no evidence to suggest that Laci was not shot in the head, and plenty of evidence to suggest that the concealment of the skull was as deliberate as planting the bodies to implicate Scott, and that is not circumstantial evidence. That is a reasonable observation which can easily be confirmed, by producing the evidence which has been deliberately concealed. This tendency to toy with the evidence is extremely repugnant. When Scott initially claimed the fishing alibi, the media and the police suggested he was a liar, to the point where published reports indicated that forensics had proved that Scott's boat was salt-free, and now, these very same crackpots suggest that Scott's alibi proves that he is a murderer. Scott Peterson does not need an alibi until somebody produces a single shred of evidence to prove that he is responsible for decapitating Laci Peterson. The extreme hypocricy of calling Scott a liar for having an alibi and a murderer for proving that he is not a liar, is too obscene to grasp.

Geragos is routinely ridiculed in the media for exploring the possibility that a satanic cult is responsible for Laci's murder, but the theories that the media routinely promotes are absolutely absurd, compared to any effort to discover the truth. The media promotes bizarre theories like "Coffin Birth" accounts for the bizarre recovery of the bodies, even though Coffin Birth is so rare that it is far more likely that Laci miscarried in captivity. The police like to ridicule the clerk who spotted Laci in Longview Washington, but the story that Laci was trying to control the extreme anger of her captor through the sweet-talking claim, "my husband always kidnaps me when he takes me out to dinner," has the ring of the desperation which preceded a bullet in the head. The media and the police love to embrace the ridiculous and the bizarre, as long as it fits their theory. It has been a quarter century since the term "coffin birth" or "sarg geburt" appeared in the medical literature, and now, we are supposed to believe that it is the term that identifies Laci's murderer. This old phrase was used to describe an unusual grim parody of one of life’s greatest moments. It happens when a pregnant woman spontaneously delivers her child after her own death. The gas that builds up in her decomposing body can build up enough pressure to propel the baby through the birth canal. This odd occurrence has taken place throughout history, albeit very rarely. Scientists have even found paleopathologic evidence of a case of coffin birth in the Europe of the dim past, before recorded history, when "bullet in the head" was even rarer than "coffin birth". Things change.

If we use the term "coffin birth" to divert attention away from the fact that the bodies of Laci and Connor were deliberately planted to destroy Scott's alibi, we will become the laughing stock of the entire world. Ridicule bizarre explanations like "coffin birth" if you need to feel superior.

And who can possibly ridicule the claim that Laci Peterson was shot in the head? The Police-Leaked explanation for the missing head is that Scott used a pair of pliers and chicken wire to decapitate Laci,and it's a good thing that the National Enquirer was used to promote that crap. If the National Enquirer claimed that Laci Peterson was shot in the head, we'd be really worried. Investigators should understand the fact that Laci Peterson was probably shot in the head after she failed to elude her captor in Longview Washington, because if her murderers had nothing to hide, they would have no reason to mutilate her body for the sake of hiding the evidence. Autopsy results also strongly suggest that Laci miscarried before she was shot because Connor looked like a full term baby, making the claim that Laci was murdered on December 23rd and had a "coffin birth" delivery, too bizarre and too extreme, to take seriously.

According to Laci's Obstretician, she was just 8 days into her 7th month at the time she disappeared, and that means that Connor would have been less than 30 weeks old if Scott had killed his wife on December 24, 2002. The autopsy indicates that Connor was between 33-38 weeks old and if I was a betting man, I would have to be an absolute fool to put money on the claim that Scott murdered Laci. Laci Peterson was just over 7 months pregnant on Christmas Eve, but when the fetus was recovered, it was at least 8.5 months old, and if that does not prove that Laci Peterson was kidnapped, nothing ever will. The baby appeared to be pretty close to full term when he was found, and according to Dr. Lee, even the claim that Connor was strangled after birth is potentially consistent to the results of the autopsy. Needless to say, the media may ignore the claim that Connor was probably born in captivity but the evidence does not.

The investigation into the murder of Laci Peterson has not even begun, and this early press report is still the best lead:

Neighbors have told police they saw Laci -- dressed in a white shirt and black pants -- walking her dog in the park around 10 a.m. Karen Servas, a neighbor, said she spotted the Petersons' golden retriever about 10:30 a.m. The dog was wearing its leash, which was muddy. Servas said she returned the dog to its yard, not realizing there might be something amiss."

Laci Peterson, according to the best available evidence, was kidnapped while she was walking her dog, and Detective David Sween reaches the conclusion that she was shot in the head by her captor because the people who kidnapped her were obviously not very nice. It isn't rocket science, but it is certainly well above and beyond anything that a corrupt D.A. would understand.

To be brief, according to the credible, case timeline, Scott left at 9:30am to go to the Marina and he not only produced a receipt... he was witnessed in his boat, alone, without a corpse. Several neighbors saw Laci walking the dog that morning. At 10:30am a neighbor found Laci's dog with a muddy leash wandering in the street... If Laci did not walk the dog, a neighbor would not have found him wandering in the street with his muddy leash at 10:30am while Scott was traveling to the Berkeley Marina. Nobody saw a dog wandering the streets other than the neighbor that found him, therefore the dog was evidently alone in the street for a very short time, confirming the exact time that Laci was kidnapped. It is not very difficult to confirm the fact that Scott Peterson was telling the truth about a timeline that is far too brief, to embrace the idea that anybody could possibly accept the "twilight zone" distortion that the National Enquirer has aggressively promoted. Clearly, if the National Enquirer had claimed that Laci Peterson was shot in the head, we would be inclined to belive that Scott Peterson used his pliers, to decapitate Laci Peterson.

Creepy, repugnant media pundits salivate over the prospect of convicting Scott Peterson by default, and they never fail to remind everybody, ad nauseum, that the failure to prove defense claims that a satanic cult was involved in the murder of Laci Peterson, is evidence of Scott Peterson's guilt. These morons should look for the gun that is responsible for splattering Laci Peterson's brains all over the wall, in the room where she was shot.

As soon as Scott Peterson was arrested, Marc Klass, an evident tool for the prosecution, who calls Scott Peterson "scum" immediately claimed that this case would take over 2 years to get to trial. The D.A. has also indicated the same. In the meantime, they have sealed the arrest warrants because there is no case against Scott Peterson. I mean, these crackpots do not even know the date that Scott Peterson allegedly murdered Laci, and the suggestion that they have any credible evidence is absolutely preposterous.

The obvious question that arises; How do they intend to deal with Scott Peterson? Under the circumstancs, they have 3 choices.

They can continue to manufacture evidence until they successfully frame Scott Peterson, they can release Scott Peterson because he should have never have been arrested in the first place or they can turn him into another Albert Ricci -a scapegoat who dies in jail and is then called a murderer by the likes of creepy demagogues like Nancy Grace.

Everybody has been conditioned to expect a long delay before trial. We want an immediate trial or the immediate release of Scott Peterson. If the D.A. has the goods on Scott, why does he want to delay a trial it by 2 years. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 16, 2003. Under California Law, the defendant is entitled to a trial date within three months of that hearing. Why does this repugnant, corrupt D.A. want to delay Scott's trial until after the well predicted re-election of George Bush?

There is a great deal of misunderstanding in the media about Geragos' attempt to find Laci's killers. In particular, the media routinely promotes the delusion that Scott Peterson "needs" a defense. A man who is falsely accused does not need a defense. Scott Peterson needs to know who shot his wife in the head, and if the media calls that a defense, then the New York Times should look into another turnover and CNN should try and hire at least one good investigative journalist.



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